Elba Freeride

The Guides

Elba Freeride was born thanks to a group of friends who have in common the passion for all type of mountain biking from XC to Freeride.
We are located, as the name suggests, on Elba, the biggest island of Tuscan Archipelago right in the Archipelago National Park.
Elba is famous for its seaside tourism, but there is more than just beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, the Island is in fact rich of morphological variety.
There is lot natural features and astonishing landscapes that you will be able to discover riding awesome MTB trails, visit beatiful places or challenge yourself in breathtaking descends along the coast down to the sea.
Our goal is to develop, safeguarding the environment, a more sustainable tourism by extending the summer high season to all year around activities.
Mountain biking is a great way to create a deeper connection with nature and learn to respect and appreciate what the island has to offer.

The Guides:

Marco Papi – Qualified AMI Bike (Associazione Mountain Bike Italia) MTB guide



At the age of 14 he started competing in local cross country races.

In the last years he focused more on DH disciplines so that he started to race in Superenduro.
His chemistry studies at the University of Siena will not leave much time for races but he will ride mtb as often as he can.
Due to the growing interest for Mountain biking on the island he starts to organize events and tours with great success.
Marco also loves snowboarding, motorcycle tourism, trekking, snorkeling and kyaking.

Jonas Knauer – International MTB guide qualified with MBLA (Not available at the moment)


Born from German parents Jonas develops his love for mtb at young age, reaching elementary school by bicycle trough the San Martino singletracks.
Since then the bicycle becomes his most used transport system, not just on the island but also in his journeys.
After a degree in engineering at the University of Pisa he travelled one year in New Zealand across the country with his mtb. Once back he got his Guiding certificate in England after a few weeks of mountain biking in Scotland.
Thanks to his origins and his traveling Jonas speaks fluent English and German.
Among his hobbies mechanics and outdoor activities.

Gruppo Elba Freeride


The rest of the group are: Danilo, Mario, Roberto, Enrica, Marco, Matteo and Davide.