Elba Freeride


Why take a MTB guide on the island of Elba?

– To fully enjoy the day! No stopping at every crossroad, selection of the trail loops according to your taste. Local guide for the best views and some historical, cultural and natural curiosities.

– Mechanical assistance and technical advice.

– There is no true MAp of the island, not even the Map of the Parco dell’Arcipelago Toscano is correct.

– The dense Mediterranean macchia is able overgrow the trails in short time periods and apart volunteers nobody does regular maintenance work on the trails .

– Trails that are easy and wide open in the beginning that become highly tecnical due to water erosion.

– Lots of trails done by hunters and for firewood that end nowhere.

– This video of the Trail Ninja series, gives a good idea:

    • Trail Ninja Elba Island

    • Watch Video

What to bring?

– For an entry level trip:

Mountain bike
Helmet and gloves
Dress accordingly to the weather (we recommend to always carry a wind jacket)
Water and food
Spare tube
Tyre levers
Charged up phone

– For a Medium/Hard trip

In addition to the previously mentioned:
Tube patches
Spare rear mech hanger
We recommend knee-pads
Tools also to be shared among the members of the group: air pump, multi-tool, chain-tool, missing link, break pads e spare gear cable.

Do we provide gps tracks?


How is a typical guided tour?

The program for a general day is :

– Meet up at 8:30
– Presentation of the program of the day, exchange of emergency contacts.
– Bike Check
– Start
– Several stops to catch breath, photos, enjoying the view, snacks and drinking.
– Lunch rest at Bar, Ristorante or packed lunch.
– Re-entry about 16:30